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  • Idea Generation
  •       The process of generating new ideas requires a thorough knowledge of the market, competition and prior art. Most engineers, inventors and managers have a good understanding of their own products and processes and some knowledge of the market but need help in reviewing the prior art and the competition. FOCUS ON PATENTS, Inc., is available to stimulate innovation within companies and for individuals by:

    Identifying Target Products/Processes
          Perhaps you have been contemplating improving one of your products but are unsure of what direction to proceed. That is natural. There are always several paths to the same goal. FOCUS ON PATENTS, Inc. can help you develop those multiple paths by using known techniques in idea generation. By starting with a review of the existing target product or process coupled with some general knowledge of the art field, a group of persons associated with the target is identified who then develop the multiple solutions with our facilitation. FOCUS can then assist in your evaluation of the multiple paths by searching the known art fields for similar products or processes, giving a synopsis of those found. Finally, FOCUS will be pleased to assist in preparation of internal documents thereby establishing a date of conception for any novel solutions.

    Preparation of Formal Idea Records
          FOCUS has developed a disclosure form for persons and companies to properly record ideas generated in the normal course of business as well as in plenary sessions specifically devoted to idea generation. FOCUS will conduct idea generation sessions and subsequently prepare the formal disclosure record for each idea generated. That record then forms the basis for patent applications as well as a permanent record of the conception date, inventors and description of the inventions.
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