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Protect your intellectual property by obtaining a Patent on your idea. We can provide the services you need to get a United States or Foreign Patent.

Success at obtaining a patent requires a thorough understanding of the application process. From patent searches to prosecuting claims in the patent office, we have the experience and success that 25+ years of practicing the art gives.


Effective 01/01/2013, Focus On Patents, Inc. will no longer be accepting new clients.  The practice at Focus On Patents, Inc. will continue to serve existing clients.


 Effective 03/19/2013, the United States Patent Office has instituted a new filing status called Micro Entity.  Eligibility for the Micro Entity Status entitiles inventors having an individual gross income under roughly $150,000 in 2012 to pay lower processing fees than larger companies.  The inventor claiming Micro Entity Status must also have no more than four other U. S. applications. 

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