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Fee Schedule

USPTO fees are in addition to these preparation fees

Prices subject to change without notice.\r\n
Preparation Price USD
Provisional Application and all formal papers $75.00 per/hr.
Utility Patent Application & Claims and all formal papers $75.00 per/hr
Utility Patent
Application & Claims from provisional prepared above and all formal papers
$75.00 per/hr
Continuation In Part Patent Application and all formal papers
$75.00 per/hr
(non-elected claims)
(new claims)

$75.00 per/hr.
Design Patentand all formal papers $750.00
Office Action - Response to Examiner for any of the above except provisional $75.00 per/hr.
Prior art search in depth (may include PDL, client supplied competitive literature, library) $350.00
File Maintenance Fee (each) $100.00
File Correction Certificate (each) $200.00
Drawings/sheet Utility Patents 100.00
Drawings/sheet Design Patents $100.00
Patent associated services  
Patent Copies/ea (requested by number/name/assignee) $10.00
International filing  
 Coordinate through outside counsel $75.00 per/hr.
 Outside counsel charges billed separately Billed
Invention generation  
Brainstorming session (each subject) $75.00 per/hr.
One on One inventor discussion (each) $75.00 per/hr.
Prepare record of invention from discussion
 (each record)
$75.00 per/hr.
General Discussion of Intellectual Property $75.00 per/hr.
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