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Patent Costs:

Focus will be pleased to write either the provisional or prepare and prosecute the utility application according to our fee schedule plus the filing fee, search fee and examination fee plus any formal drawings at $100/sheet. Full payment for preparation, drawings and the filing fee are due at filing, however, for individual inventors or small companies, Focus On Patents, Inc., will initially invoice for drawing fees, filing fees and $1125 of the preparation fee.  Payment of this initial invoice is required before preparation of an application will begin.  Your initial payment is held until completion of the application preparation and an additional invoice will be issued for any remaining balance, if any.  If the preparation is brief, any overpayment present in the initial check will be refunded upon filing of the application.  In your business plan, you need to factor in the prosecution phase fees of about $1500 for Focus to answer responses from the USPTO and the issue fee at about two years after filing the utility, and maintenance fees at 4, 8 and 12 years after issuance . The United States Patent Office fees are subject to change every October 1. These fees have been inching upward as everything else. The cost of preparation and prosecution of a design patent to seek protection on the physical appearance of an object is also according to our fee schedule. Additionally, the USPTO design filing fee, search fee and examination fee for individual inventors and small companies are payable at filing along with drawing fees at $100 per sheet.  For a design application, Focus On Patents, Inc., will invoice for drawing fees, filing fees and the $ 750 preparation fee.  Payment is required before preparation of a design application will begin.
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